WPC Terrace Decking

Longevity and aestetic out of reliable quality…

Available colors

Dark Brown

Light Brown



Practical advantages and values


The WPC composite technology ensures durability and the highest resistance. The board is resistant to abrasion, external mechanical forces, weathering and biological agents, salt water and chlorine. It does not require maintenance and service work so that you can save time and money.


The use of composite boards is very broad: from balconies and terraces, through pool and pond borders, along with sailing piers.

Aesthetic appearance of a terrace

The boards are perfectly straight, free of knots and cracks. In addition, non-deformable and not bulging. With mounting clips of terrace composite boards, there are no visible screws and nails, which improves terrace aesthetics.

Color depth

Through the use of high quality pigments and UV fi lter additive, developed in collaboration with renowned world producers, we have obtained unprecedented colour depth of our WPC products.


Co-extrusion, or multi-layered product is an innovative technology that offers both superior dimensional stability of the product, as well as its colour stability.

Do not require maintenance nor painting

The board do not require any impregnation, and yet they do not lose their properties over time.

Safety in use

The surface of the composite boards are grooved on both sides. With grooves running lengthwise along the boards, draining water from the surface of a terrace is done quickly and effi ciently. You can walk on terrace composite boards without slipping even when they are wet. Due to their non-slip surface, the boards work as safe and effective fi nishing of terraced stairs and platforms.

Unusual visual qualities

Through the use of the latest advanced processing techniques of materials, we have obtained a perfect brushing effect of the composite boards. The boards perfectly imitate real wood.


The product is made of non-combustible and safe material which is suitable for universal use. ALPTAHLS composite board has the highest possible fi re reaction class Bfl – S1.

Product environmental performance

ALPTAHLS terrace boards are environmentally friendly, have all the necessary approvals and can be recycled.

Terrace made to fit

It is possible to produce terrace boards to predetermined optimum size (on request) – thus avoiding costly material waste (do not pay for waste).

European product

The entire machinery, technology and logistics department is located in European Union, which ensures high quality, repeatability of products as well as service and warranty.