Engineered Flooring

Alpthals Engineered Flooring

ALPTAHLS Hardwood Engineered Flooring shall be 12 mm thick consisting of 3 layers the top precious wood, the core layer is arranged below it in the cross-grain direction which increases stability; the third ply construction features a balancing veneer at the bottom which ensures superior dimensional stability. This make is excellently suited for installation as a floating floor.

The quality of the hardwood Engineered floor stands and falls with the surface finish. The practical solution for you is the Bonatech high finish from Sweden.

Maintaining the Alpthals hardwood Engineered Flooring is extremely easy. The floor can be cleaned by using a vacuum cleaner or by using a slightly damp cloth with a mild domestic cleaning liquid.

12 mm Thick

American walnut

14 mm Thick

Oak Amber
Oak Antic Eco
Sahar 1 Strip Stained


  • Engineered wooden flooring is eco-friendly.
  • Easy to install with UNILIN CLICK SYSTEM.
  • Provides good resistance to moisture
  • Highest resistant to temperature changes.
  • Click system – no glue needed, quick, clean and economical installation,
  • Higher thickness of top layer for longer life.
  • Installation on every surface – solid and rigid panels make the imperfections of the subfloor undetectable,
  • Designed for moderate and high traffic,
  • Effortless cleaning and maintenance,
  • New strip design

Technical Specification


PropertyTest methodValue
Top layer 2 mm / 4 mm
Impact Noise ReductionISO 717-214dB
Total thickness 12mm / 14mm
Cigarette BurnsEN13329Class 5
Chemical ResistanceEN133442Category 5
Thermal ResistanceEN126640.077 m2*K/W
Slip resistanceEN13893μ ≥0.47
Castor chair resistanceEN 425no damage is visible
Effect of a furniture legEN 424no damage is visible
Fire resistanceEN 13501Bfl S1
Electrical propertiesEN 1401antistatic