Detectable surface indicators

Detectable indicating strips for blind and visually impaired people are ideal and safe solution for guiding communication paths for public and commercial buildings, as well as for the outdoor.

They allow the blind and visually impaired to orientate themselves and follow a set itinerary defined all along a walking route.

Its corrugated surface and embossed shape enables easy detection for the blind people under their feet as well as with the cane.

Available in any contrasting to the surface colour, they are visible signal for visually impaired people.

Composed of a mixture of high performance polymers, what guarantee high resistance to wear, sunlight and changing weather conditions.

Suitable for high traffic areas, due to theirs durability can serve over 5 years.

Wide range of different types of tactile indicators enables fitting into almost all buildings and spaces.

Every country has regulations concerning marking the tactile path for blind and visually impaired people. Most of the countries impose the obligation to mark hazardous situation, such as a set of stairs, a ramp or an overhead obstruction. Therefore such detectable indicating stripes are indispensable element of every public and commercial space.

Main advantages:

  • fast installation on every smooth surface,
  • embossed detectable surface,
  • safe and anti-slip,
  • resistant to wear,
  • available in different contrasting colours,
  • low maintain demanded.

Guiding communication paths for public and commercial buildings.

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