Industrial parquet

Industrial parquet is a solid and extremely resistant wooden floor.
Traditionally it was used in industrial areas and facilities, hence the name industrial parquet. It consists of small, wooden slats of different shades, installed vertically. This installation on the edge of the wooden slat, makes the parquet very durable, is less moist sensitive and can be mounted in heavily used rooms, on larger floor surfaces, on stairs and other. Industrial parquet is suitable for rooms subject to heavy walking and wear such as: showrooms, offices, trade fairs and exhibition rooms and sports facilities.
This very natural and sophisticated mosaic of light and dark tones, reflects the diversity and richness of wood nature. The final effects is astonishing with its beauty and elegance, suitable for offices, public areas, as well as to living rooms.
Alptahls Industrial parquet is manufactured in oak, ash, smoked oak, thermo treated ash. All wood is coming from FSC certified sources, from European producers.

Available dimensions

No. Industrial parquet unfinished Size (mm)
1 Oak Standard with sapwood 10 x 8 x 160
2 Smoked Oak with sapwood 10 x 8 x 160
3 Smoked Oak black lammes 10 x 8 x 160
4 Ash 10 x 8 x 160
5 Thermo Ash 10 x 8 x 160
6 Oak Standard 10 x 8 x 160
7 Oak no sapwood 10 x 10 x 250
8 Smoked Standard with sapwood 10 x 10 x 250
9 Ash 10 x 10 x 250
10 Thermo Ash 10 x 10 x 250

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