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Traditional wood brings warmth and elegance to every interior. It requires however, special care and it is suspected to decay. In order to enjoy the beauty of natural wood and the robust durability of PVC, Luxury Vinyl Tiles were created. This advanced technology product combines the benefits of these two materials. Authentic wood decor gives a classic and natural look, while resistance to moisture enables installation in households, restaurants, hotels, shops, as well as in wet areas, such us kitchens.

The functional PVC composition requires minimal maintenance and simplifies cleaning. Our practical click system makes the installation fast and easy.

This modern and high class product has already gained recognition in many countries, as a safe and durable alternative to traditional floors. Follow the new floors era and take advantages of this luxury product!


  1. Proven 100% water resistance,
  2. Innovative structure WPC + PVC,
  3. High thickness 7,25mm – make the floor extremely resistant to high traffic,
  4. Highest wear resistance – Group T
  5. Click system – no glue needed, quick, clean and economical installation,
  6. Produced according to Austrian quality standards,
  7. PUR coating,
  8. Installation on every surface – solid and rigid panels make the imperfections of the subfloor undetectable,
  9. For the heavy duty areas 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm wear layer is available,
  10. Designed for moderate and high traffic,
  11. Safe – no formaldehyde,
  12. Effortless cleaning and maintenance,
  13. Suitable for floor heating,
  14. Fashionable designs, realistic texture.

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Oak ForestOak Forest

Oak BarriqueOak Barrique

Oak AfricaOak Africa

Teak CognacTeak Cognac

Maple SunMaple Sun

Oak AntiqueOak Antique

Oak MoonOak Moon

Technical parameters

Property Test method Value
Dimensions 900 mm x 142 mm
Weight 8.58 kg
Total thickness EN 428 7.25 mm
Wear layer EN 429 0.3 mm
Usability EN 685 23-31 / 31-34
Wear resistance EN 660-2 Group T
Slip resistance EN 1815 DS
Castor chair resistance EN 425 no damage is visible
Effect of a furniture leg EN 424 no damage is visible
Fire resistance EN 13501 Bfl S1
Electrical properties EN 1401 antistatic

Before you start

IMPORTANT: Please verify the panels carefully for any possible damage or deviation from standard dimensions before installation. Make sure they match with the selected decorative design. No complaints can be accepted in the case of panels, which have already been used! If you discover apparent defects in the panels you should stop the installation immediately!

In order to carry out the installation work you will need: 2 mm thick polyethylene film (optional), underlayment foam (optional), spacers, pull-iron, saw, hammer, pencil and straight edge.

This flooring is installed floating. Under no circumstances may panels be glued, nailed or otherwise fixed (e.g. door stopper) to the subfloor. A space of ¼” (6 – 8 mm) should always be left between the panels and the walls or any other fixed elements (such as heating pipes or door frames). Installation should be carried out at a room temperature of at least 18 °C. The temperature difference between the panels and the substrate should not exceed +/- 3 °C.

The sub-floor must be absolutely flat, dry, clean and firm (old fixed carpet must be removed). “High-Stops” or “Depressions” in floor level of more than 3 mm must either be sanded down or filled in with an appropriate filling compound.

The seams of the film should overlap at least 15cm and must be taped. For optional acoustic insulation use underlayments with sound reduction properties (can be provided by Alptahls). It should be laid in the same direction as the panels.

The panels should preferably be installed inline with the main light source. For installation on sub-floor heating please comply with special instructions. You can obtain these from your dealer.

Please comply exactly with the installation instructions. No complaints can be accepted in cases of faulty installation.


Starting at a corner going from left to right (place the tongue side against the wall) while locking the short ends together.

Check the distance to the wall 6 – 8 mm with a spacer and set straight. For accurate cutting of the last panel in the row, rotate this through 180° and, with the pattern side upwards, place beside the already installed row (groove-to-groove). Allow for distance from wall at end of panel. Mark out off cut and saw off.

Always cut from the upper surface of the panel (to avoid damaging the edges), only when using an electric jigsaw or a circular saw should the patterned side be placed facing downwards.

Planks of the remaining of rows interlock with the next by swivelling them downward leaving a slight gap at the short end. Then, using a tapping block gently hammer the plank until the joint click tight.

Start each new row with the leftover piece from the preceding row. Stagger the joints by at least 35 – 40 cm. Please take particular care to ensure that the first three rows are perfectly straight.


Simply clean your Quickstyle Floating floor with a soft broom or a vacuum cleaner. Wipe off foormarks and dirt with a wrung-out (slightly dampened), cloth. Do not use wet clothes. Do not attempt to clean your Quickstyle Floating floor with wax, polish, or scouring materials. Stubborn stains can be removed with spezial stain removers. For regular cleaning and maintenance, we recommend the use of high qualitative cleaning products. Do not use commercial wet jet type mops.


Lay dirt-absorbing mats in high traffic areas, (such as entrance halls and hallways). Fit felt Tipps to the feet of your furniture. For office chairs, use a chair mat to protect the floor. The ideal indoor climate is 19 – 22 °C. Extreme fluctuations in the indoor climate may cause a slight deformation in the panels and minor separations in the joints of floor.

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